As a dog owner,you would want to give your pup the best you could and it takes a lot of commitment to do so. Moreover, just like you as a human need to groom and keep yourself tidy, even your dog requires the same which enables them to stay healthy.

For this, you may be already taking your pet dog to a professional groomer. However, doing this very often can cost you a lot as well as take up most of your time. So, read below to find out some essential items you need to have as a dog owner in order to groom your pup reasonably at the comfort of your house.

Pet shampoo and conditioner

Giving a good bath is one of the crucial steps in grooming your dog. The importance of bathing your dog is to remove dirt sticking to their fur as well as to remove any bad odour. In addition, bathing your dog can improve the texture of your dog’s fur coat.

Therefore, it is necessary to use shampoo and conditioner exclusively made to be used on dogs. This is because using shampoo and conditioner that is used by humans can cause irritations in them.

Dog hairdryer

Although your dog can get rid of the extra water on its fur after a bath by shaking its body, you will need to be of some assistance by using a towel and helping your dog dry itself faster.

Nevertheless, at certain times you need to make use of a hair dryer to dry your dog’s hair. You can find the perfect dog hair dryer online and use it on your dog after a bath. As this is designed for dogs in specific, it will not dry out your pup’s skin as a normal hair dryer would do.

Brush or comb

If your dog is long-haired or double-coated, brushing is a very important part of making your dog look groomed at all times.

You may use a sticker brush which is ideal for any type of coat and can aid in getting rid of the unnecessary loose hair of your dog while also preventing tangles. Additionally, you can also use a wide-tooth detangling comb that is specifically made to get rid of any tangles of your dog’s fur.

Hence, make sure to brush or comb your dog as often as possible based on their activities and the type and length of the fur coat to get rid of dirt from their hair as well as to maintain a shiny coat.

Hair clippers and scissors

As much as it is important to brush your dog’s coat, it is also vital to trim them. To carry out the trimming sessions conveniently, make sure to treat your dog with some fun treats during the sessions.

A grooming scissor will enable you to reduce the length of your pup’s coat. A clipper is used for shaving purposes and you should place it flat on the coat during the process so that you may not end up shaving too much of your dog’s fur.

Nail clippers

Keeping your pup’s nails and paws clean is another part of grooming because long nails can make your dog feel uncomfortable after some time. Besides, not trimming your dog’s nails can cause damage to your house floor and furniture as well. Above all, it is crucial to keep your dog’s nails and paws clean which can be achieved by trimming their nails.