For some time, the sheer complexity, and the size of traditional ultrasound scanners have been a problem. Regardless of how educated you were, the application of that knowledge would always be in question depending on the equipment you use; the use of ultrasound is one of the best examples.

In such a background, the Clarius device has changed the game forever. In this read, we’re going to tell you all the special benefits that it contains so that you’d know your investmentwon’t be a waste.

Print standardized scan reports

When the most traditional ultrasound scanning devices are just read-only, some of the conventional equipment looked into printing out the images captured. However, the printing was not up to the standards, and the reports didn’t look professional enough for the patient to use them or been for the practitioner to remember the details. Clarius printing is much more sophisticated and comprehensive, and the printed results would be of the best quality.

Comment, annotate and share reports with other doctors

Back in the past, the use of ultrasound was a real-time inspection method. Once the scanner was pulled away from the body, the image would disappear. The Clarius device has resolved this problem and has gone above and beyond.

Thanks to the in-system management software, you now can share your results with other doctors via the app, and allow them to annotate, comment, and basically participate in the process. How convenient is that?

Compatible with a mobile application for both Android and iOS

Most of the traditional devices operate only within the system of the machine itself. You would have the question of whether or not it is important to have an external operation, and the short answer is yes. Because the application is installed on a mobile device, a number of settings are there to be changed.

This allows the portable ultrasound device to function in a more patient-specific way. The ultimate result of this is a more bespoke service that eases the diagnosis process and the treatment.

Unlimited cloud storage

In most of the online services we use, there’s always a cap for storage. When it comes to a large-scale hospital setting, these sorts of restrictions can be quite a problem. Clarius’s system resolved this by providing unlimited cloud storage, but that’s only limited to a handful of authorized sellers.

Sold with at least 2 years of warranty

Most ultrasound devices in the portable design are destined to last longer due to the self-sustainable mechanical design. When the traditional machines hardly have a warranty, and when the ones with a warranty have long lists of exceptions, the Clarius devices at least provide you with 2 whole years of warranty. If you’re shopping at a reputed seller, you just might be able to level it up to 3 years.

Final thoughts

The field of medicine has developed more than ever. When such a developed field is offering us better solutions, we should accept them. Because that acceptance brings a number of benefits that no other type of device can remotely grant.