Taking care of a tree is not exactly the easiest task. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it. If having a lawn increases the property value, having a tree in it is always going to increase the value furthermore.

However, in this read, our objective is to help you choose between tree pruning, lopping, and cutting – let’s get right into it.

Understand what you really need to be done

The biggest mistake that a lot of us do is not understanding the need between the action and the intent. This is mostly due to the lack of technical knowledge, just like how just any person wouldn’t be having your professional knowledge.

When you decide you want the tree cut off, you need to take a moment and think whether you want it gone, or whether an ideal tree lopping brisbane would fix the matter. That way, you’ll be able to connect the intent with the task and evaluate the suitability.

Pay attention to the present health condition

Trees are borderline living organisms; they too have their lifespan. Although some trees have been living for centuries, that’s just not the common situation. In a situation like that, cutting might be an option, but before you choose to cut, it’s better to know that pruning cannot fix the problem.

Pruning isn’t merely trimming a tree from everywhere but a version of trimming that’s mostly focused on the health of the tree as well.

Investigate any possible permits required

Not all trees can be cut off like that. In some areas, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals is a legal obligation of the citizens. While this shouldn’t discourage you, you should definitely contemplate the suitability of the decision, if you have decided to cut a tree down.

If getting it lopped would fix the matter, wouldn’t you have the tree, won’t have to deal with all the paperwork, and get rid of the problem as well?

Compare and contrast the current industry prices

Here’s the thing about cutting trees down; you cannot uproot them or push them to fall down and cut the roots like that. First, the trunk shortens to the stump, and then the stump is ground to the ground – now, that’s going to cost you a little fortune. But in comparison, getting even the biggest tree lopped isn’t going to break the bank.

Reach a professional service provider

If you’re truly unable to make a firm decision, it’s always better to ask for a professional opinion. After all, the rule of thumb is to hire professionals for jobs like these. In such a background, wouldn’t have them on board at the planning stage be a solace?


Our conclusion is that a tree problem that can be resolved by lopping just doesn’t subject the tree to be cut off. However, the decision between lopping and pruning, or mixing them up based on the need is entirely up to you. But with a professional on board, making a decision wouldn’t be all too hard.