If you have always been into makeup, you know that you cannot go with your usual collection for a big, special occasion. Whether it’s a graduation, a celebration of success, or your engagement, you know at once that you are going to need a whole new bunch of exclusive make up just for this special day. It is also possible that you already have your exclusive collection reserved for such occasions. Nevertheless, here are a few things that you will focus on as you prep up.


When you talk about exclusive makeup, uniqueness might be the best way you would define it. You will focus on achieving a unique look on this special occasion, in other words to look stunning like you never have before. This type of glamour and uniqueness is achieved by two main things: the makeup products you use, and how you use them. Thus, you need to make sure you keep these two factors in mind.


As mentioned above, quality is an extremely essential factor when it comes to make up. The unique, glamorous look you achieve is mostly a result of the high quality make up you have used. In other words, anyone should be able to tell that you’ve use high quality make up by just one glance at you. Thus, ideally, you wouldn’t think twice about this aspect when it comes to a big occasion. Aim for quality products, and have no doubt.

Colours and Shades

There are no rules when it comes to choices of colour, whether it’s your blusher, your lipstick, or your eye makeup. Nevertheless, what you need to think about is how appropriate the colours are as far as the occasion is concerned. Secondly, and obviously, you need to consider your skin tone/complexion and decide what shades would look best. Lastly, you need to think about your outfit, and chose your makeup accordingly.

Getting Your Makeup Done

You may choose to do your make up yourself if you are a self-taught artist who has had loads of practice. On the other hand, you may prefer to get it done by professional artists who are equipped with the best products; the best sheer foundation you want, and the best range of lip products you can find. If you know of such a salon around your area, you can make your bookings straight away before it’s too late. But if you are not sure where to go, you can always look up the internet for the best guys in town and even find out what products their signature products are.

Your Overall Look

It is important that you do not get lost in the makeup business entirely. As mentioned previously, you need to think about your outfits and accessories that you have chosen for the occasion. Ideally, you will turn to your make up matters only after you have decided on your outfit. Therefore, on the day of the occasion, once you’ve finally done your makeup, it should all come together beautifully to create a stunning you!