Many brave people have decided to walk a different path, the path that is far from comfort and one that will lead to a healthier and quality life, the path of learning to quit smoking. Smoking is one of the hardest one to battle in terms of quitting. Once a person starts doing it then they will most likely be hooked because not only will the nicotine build a pattern of dependency in terms of the chemical processes in the brain of the individual but also it creates a pattern of dependence in areas of thinking, emotional regulation, and even social aspect where people usually smoke because their friends and circle most likely does it with liberty.  And any habit which exceeds control and regulation is bad in all aspect of mental and physical health. So, for those who are still in the crossroads in quitting, here are some helpful simple tips.


Use exercise as a tool to reinvigorate yourself and training your mind to the coming discipline of controlling urges and longings which are not healthy. Exercise makes your mind healthier not just because of the physical aspect but because of the mental aspect.

The discipline formed during exercise can be used to train the mind to let go of the comfort of bad habits that has been formed over time. The mental strength will greatly enable the person to defy the habits of the old self and not only that the psychological will would help the person to create a more balanced and healthier lifestyle in place of the old pattern of behaviour.

Meds and Alternatives

Pouches and nicotine patches have made miracles for those who are trying to quit the habit but has no idea of any methods or effective ways how. With the help of these products, an alternative approach to quitting has been paved way. So, what it actually does is that it produces small amounts of nicotine to a person either through oral or dermal means, which creates a feedback to the brain of the person that nicotine is already present in the system, though these are low levels of nicotine and are not harmful and are not addictive enough to start with. The person then slowly loses the psychological urge to light a smoke because the brain has already been tricked into thinking that it already had the chemical inside the body, which breaks the addiction and craving process. Nicopod products are one of the most effective products in the market today when it comes to patches and pouches.


Also, it helps to have someone lend a hand when one cannot have the full mental will to resist smoking. Although this comes more as a supplementary support to quitting rather than a tool in itself, therapy and counselling are still very effective in aiding a person in their path towards going clean and quitting the habit altogether. But then again it takes some really guts to approach a professional and asking their help because many people think that going to counselling is a sign of weakness which clearly isn’t.

In all of these there is only one person who can help in terms of quitting and committing into a healthy lifestyle and that person is yourself.