Birthdays and anniversaries come and go. A difficult task we get as guests is buying a gift for the host. It could be your best friend’s birthday, your child’s graduation or your partners work achievement. Whatever it is, even if there is no celebration per se, a gift says that you care about the occasion. There are some basic stuff you need to know before buying a gift.

How Well Do You Know The Person?

Many online stores as well as traditional brick and mortar stores now have gift packs available. This is mainly because people walk in but have no idea about what the person they’re getting the gift, wants. In that case, for example if it is the mother’s day a gift pack which consists of a bunch of flowers, box of chocolates and probably a gift voucher will be the best bet than buying something that you think of, off the top of your head.

Therefore, do not go on your hunches and buy something odd or uncommon for a person if you do not know him or her that well. For example, a tie would be okay for a guy most of the time. It is way better than thinking too much and ending up buying a car seat warmer for an environmentally friendly person hence does not drive but only owns a bicycle.

What About Considering The Past?

That is one way to probably end up not earning the wrath of the person for whom you are getting the gift for. If you have not been in touch with that person and suddenly get an invitation to take part in, say their graduation party, it might be okay to look at your past together and decide on something.

For example, if the person was a music lover, you can buy ukulele online and make a gift of it. He or she might not play it, but will probably keep it with themselves to reflect a fond past, going by. Similarly, if the person used to read, a good book will be a better gift than you getting a “grown up” gift just because they are graduating.

If You Really Do Care…

Truly, the gist of giving a gift or, hyped up commercial word “art” of giving a gift, is to show that you care. So most of the time even if the person does not like what you give, the thought counts. However, if you really want to make an impact and you do really care about this person, the best thing is to do research. This is ideal when you are buying something for a new friend that you made and you really like this person. Or it could be your new girlfriend, boyfriend or partner.

Even if you have only associated with them for a short time period, what you can do is probably talk to their friends or family, if you have access, and get to know what they like and dislike. You can always talk to the person himself or herself and inquire about what they like in a subtle manner. Sometimes, asking straight away what they want could be easier and a better path to take. However trying this with females might not be the wisest idea!

What you gift and how much thought you put into it is important when it comes to gifting something than how much you spend. Therefore, remember that a handmade card would take you far than a Rolex watch would.