When it comes to planning a night, your best friend will not soon forget (no pressure), you definitely want to make sure that you are able to give her the best

Here are a few things that you will need to take into consideration when getting around to planning the last single night of your best friend’s life.

Take Note of The Numbers

The first and easiest way to go about it is to talk to the bride to be to ask her who she would like to have on her special day. This way you make sure that you are able to ensure that she is surrounded by all of her girlfriends she would want to spend this unforgettable night with.

If you are planning a surprise party it is a good idea to ask her family to help you come up with a list of other friends at work or church or other circles you may not be familiar with. Make sure that you are also able to get their contact information so that you can coordinate all the other things you will need to do.

Make sure that you take everyone into consideration when choosing a date and time for the party. To be on the more practical side you will want to make sure that is on a weekend or a Friday night so no one has to haul themselves back to work after a late night out.

Choose the Location

Next, make sure that the location that you have decided on is somewhere where the bride to be and the girls will have their privacy as well as be able to have fun. Choosing a bar for pre drink before you all head out to paint the town red is an option built staying there the entire night may end up with a few weird glances in your direction especially if the pub is somewhere people come to tune down and drink and relax. So, keep the crowd in mind when looking for a location where all of you can kick back and get down to having a blast.


Make sure that you have set up the entertainment for the night! Come up with or look up games that you all can play and some that will even put the bride to be on the spot. Look up male stripes in the area like Aussie Hunks for instance. However, it would be a good idea to stop and ask you if the bride to be would be game with it.

If she is a more conservative sort you may want to stick to dares or other fun games through the night. Remember the point of this is to make sure that she remembers the event fondly and so it is up to you to recognize when you have gone too far for her.


And finally, and most importantly come up with a budget that you can set for the party. Ask the others hp0w much they will be comfortable spending as well before deciding.