A close friend or a family member has recently moved into a new home and they are hosting a housewarming party for entertainment purposes. If you were in a situation similar to the above mentioned and you had to bring along a housewarming gift to the party, you must have some sort of idea as to what would qualify as a good gift.

If you’re somebody who is in a similar position as the one stated above, we want to help you figure out a gift idea for the housewarming party. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of ideas below.

Some Wino

One of the most common suggestions with regards to housewarming party gift ideas is a bottle of some fine wine. If you want to go the extra mile, wine gift box packaging will add that extra bit of effort and show more attention to detail.

A bottle of wine makes a great housewarming gift. However, it is always best to go for a more expensive wine than a cheap one since you don’t want to come across as a cheap person.

China Sets

Growing up, you’ve probably witnessed how your mother would only take out certain sets of china on special occasions as they were on the pricier and more expensive end.

China sets are absolutely crucial for a household so if you can buy a stack of plates or mugs to add to their collection, the party hosts will definitely love and adore your gift.

French Press

If the party hosts are big coffee enthusiasts as most people tend to be nowadays, they will definitely like the idea of having their own French press to make their coffee in the mornings.

Coffee is a vital part of many households so you can definitely never go wrong with the idea of gifting a French press coffee maker. This is the ideal modern day housewarming gift idea.


If you look up gift baskets and bundles, you will come across a bunch of recommendations. Food related baskets and bundles usually make a great housewarming gift so we definitely urge you to try this option out the next time you’re in need of some ideas.

Food baskets and bundles are great as housewarming gifts because they will definitely come in handy on many different occasions. It is one of the best gifts to take for a party of this sort.

Decorative Items

Decorative items usually make a great housewarming gift option which is why we urge you to consider buying a few decorative items that you can gift to the new home owners.

Anything from a painting that can go on the wall to a little trinket to adorn your shelves, decorative items can make a great difference.

The tips that we have provided below are great and we surely hope that the ideas given have provided you with a bunch of items that will help you to bring your friend an awesome housewarming gift that they will remember for a lifetime.