Have you decided to venture into the world of home brewing? If so, you’ve entered a club with many happy members. Brewing your own at home is a tradition that many adore, producing beer that out matches the variety that is sold in stores. Not only does it taste better, but you know you’re dealing with your own creation, so you can be proud, and feel safe. If you’re wondering why you should feel safe, it’s because you know what has gone inside the product. Unlike the store bought ones, you don’t know this, so there could be harmful ingredients present.

In this article, we’ll be going through the process of home brewing and what it entails.

What Goes Into Home Brewing?

If you want to brew your own beer, you need to know there are two types of beer you could make. The first is extract based, and the other is grain-based. Firstly, extract based beer uses sugars extracted directly from grains that are malted. However, the brewer has to extract the sugars himself from the grain if he chooses to produce all grain beer.

As you can imagine, all grain beer is harder for those who’ve just started brewing as they need experience in extracting the sugars. This is why many start with extract based beer as they have the sugar already in hand.

What Equipment Do You Need To Start Brewing?

Many would be intimidated by the equipment needed to brew their own beer. This fear is irrational and stems from media. All you need is a simple home brewing kit to get started. This is small and does not take as much space as what you see on T.V or online.

However, individuals who are more experienced would have other equipment. For example:

  • Air Locks
  • Hydrometers
  • Large spoons
  • Fermenting Buckets with lids
  • Siphons
  • Stock Pots
  • Grain Bags
  •  Kegs
  • Thermometers

As you own these, you could upgrade as time goes on. For example, replacing your keg with some Australian Home Brewing kegs. Now that we’ve covered the equipment needed, let’s talk about the ingredients that would go into production.

What Ingredients Would You Need?

If you’re making extract based beer, you need sugar extract. This is available in the form of malt. You can get your hands on this in either its dry or liquid form.

Even if you’re making extract based beer, you would still need grains. They are used not for their sugars rather the qualities it can add. If added in specific amounts, it can alter the beer, giving way for different tastes, aromas and affects the colour of the final product as well.

The most important ingredient when it comes to beer making is yeast. This is as the microbe transforms the sugar extract into alcohol during fermentation. You can get this in the dry form or liquid form.

As you can imagine, water is needed to act as the medium for all of the above.

Lastly, the taste of beer is very distinct. Many would say it’s bitter, which is true. This is achieved through the addition of plants known as Hops.

As you have seen, home brewing is an elaborate art form. Are you interested to try your hand at it?