If you have a deep love for the water and swimming, it’s natural that you’d want your children to feel this way. Here’s 6 tips to ensure they learn to love swimming from a young age…

1. Take Them Out To the Water Often

The best way to ensure they are not afraid of the water, is by making sure the water is no longer an unfamiliar space to them. In general, parents tend to take their little ones to the pools/beaches with big gaps of time in between. This makes them remain afraid of the water, even if they had fun the previous time. Visiting the water often can solve this issue. It’s also a great idea to extend bath time a little…allowing them time to splash around.

2. Be Sure To Get Into the Water Yourself

Though fear for water is very common, it is sometimes a fear inherited from those around us. if you want your little one to be fearless around water, make sure to get into the water yourself…and that too often! It’s easier to coax them into the water when you’re already inside. Do your best to make it appear to them that you’re having a great time; this is one occasion where no one will judge you if your show off your water skills a little!

3. Make Sure They Have the Right Swim Clothes

The right swimwear plays many roles in helping the little ones enjoy swimming. The right swimming suit keeps them warm, comfortable and gives them the freedom of movement. Pick out a swim brand that specializes in children (like Tyoub), so that your little one is guaranteed of the above. Remember, if their suit is itchy, uncomfortable or even if they simply don’t like it; it’ll be a fight to get them into it every time.

4. Get Them the Right Gear to Make Them Feel Safe in the Water

Regardless to whether or not they are swimming with adults, and regardless to if there’s going to be a lifeguard on watch the whole time they are in the water, it is vital that you get inexperienced swimmers the right gear to not only help them feel secure when they are in the water; but to also potentially save their life. Floaties and other floatation devices are a must; even if your child is approaching his kindergarten years. It only takes a few seconds to drown; so take no chances with the safety of your baby.

5. Take Baby Steps to the Water

Don’t feel disheartened if your child is still hesitant about swimming despite all your trying. Some children need a little more time to muster up their courage. Allow them to sit by the side of the pool with their feet dangling in if that’s all they feel like doing; or even sit away from the pool if even that is scary. Remember; if you push too hard, you’ll make it harder for them to like swimming¾which is what you want after all…!

6. Avoid Throwing Them into the Water to Get Rid Of Their Fear

Many people foolishly believe that pushing a child into the water gets rid of their fear of water. This not only can lead to them developing a deep fear for the water, it is also a cause for possible drowning. If you’re enrolling your child to swim classes, make sure you let the coach know of you disapproving this method as well, as unfortunately this is still a popular method of teaching to swim…