Teething occurs between four to seven months and while this might be exciting news for you, that excitement will soon fade away once you realize how cranky it can make a baby. This process puts your baby through an intense amount of pain and often affects his sleeping schedules as well so you’ll have to find ways to relieve that pain so he can get some rest- or else this too will affect his crankiness. So, without further ado, here are some proven ways you can soothe your teething baby enough to put him to sleep.

Teething Toys

There are plenty of toys that have been created exactly for this purpose that can soothe a baby’s gums. For example, you can find wooden teethers or even amber teething necklaces available online. Simply browse around and see what would suit your little one best. Don’t forget to take them out once your baby’s frustration has gone down and he seems to be nodding off.

Cold Toys

Usually coldness can numb the pain and desensitize nerves. This is why toys created these days are refrigerate-able. Don’t freeze your toys however but rather, slightly chill them and give them to your baby so he can chew on them and get some relief. If you don’t have any toys suitable for refrigeration, then you can just use a clean, chilled rag instead. Remember to always be around when you’re giving your babies something to chew on as you don’t want them to choke.

Massage Gums

Firstly, make sure your fingers are clean before you do this. Once it comes to nap time, you’ll find that your baby will struggle to fall asleep due to the pain. You can massage his gums and soothe the pain enough for him to doze off. Even if he wakes up later in the night, you can simply try the same antic until he falls asleep again. Once you start the massaging process, you’ll be able to feel where the teeth are coming out from- don’t forget to pay more attention to those areas when you’re massaging as these are more sensitive.

Chamomile Tea

On a daily basis, chamomile tea is a natural remedy for inflammation, stomach aches, stress and sleep problems. For a teething baby, it’s great at reducing the pain and also getting him to fall asleep. Put some of this tea into your feeding bottle or simply soak up a frozen rag before giving it to him to chew on. This remedy is only for babies who are older than 6 months, however, but it’s best that you consult a doctor before doing so either way.

Cold Foods

It’s already been established that could significantly help a cranky, teething baby. And a full stomach is one of the top factors in lulling a child to sleep. So why not combine both. Give your child cold foods such as yogurt or fruits (mashed up if he isn’t old enough to eat chunks). This is the best of both worlds.

These are the best ways you can put a teething baby to sleep. We know, it may be a frustrating time, dealing with a constantly irritated baby but keep in mind that this is an incredibly painful period for him so we need to do our best to reduce this as much as possible.