Almost all beer lovers have tried creating their very own brew at home. Whether they’re still trying it out or already an experienced brewer, this hobby is known to be one of the most satisfying one. There are different ways to make your own beer at home, and each one leads to a different tasting beer. Basically, the flavour of the finished product depends on the cost, experience in brewing and the amount of time spent making the beer. Here are the common steps of how to brew beer at home.

All Grain

This one is actually the most time consuming technique among all the brewing methods and is usually done by experienced brewers, but there’s no harm in trying even if you’re still new. The all grain technique doesn’t make use of extracts nor ready-made brewing kits. Instead, real grains are used in the very beginning of this method. First, cracked malt undergoes the process of mashing where the malt flavour, colour and sugars are all extracted. Then, the mash is drained and more hot water is added into the mash to extract more sugar. After, this solution is then boiled depending on what type of beer you want to brew. All grain home brewing requires a lot of equipment, tools and time to finish everything. To save on brewing equipment, check out AHB Grainfather products and learn more about their all-in-one brewing system. You don’t need to transfer your solution when doing each step. Simply place the grains in the container and the machine will process everything according to your preferences. This kind of brewing technique gives you a lot of freedom in experimenting and discovering different flavoured brews.

Brewing Kits

For beginners, a brewing kit is one of the best ways to get into the game. The kit contains almost everything you need to create your own brew – from liquid malt and hops, fermenter and other additional ingredients. Simply follow the steps indicated on the recipe and you’ll surely create a great tasting brew. This method is the cheapest and easiest to finish among all techniques. However, it’s hard to customize since there’s a fixed recipe that you need to follow.


This method is great for brewers that have already tried brewing a few or more times. Compared to brewing kits, this one is a little bit complex since it involves a completely different set of steps. You’re going to blend different extracts to create a flavourful beer. For example, using liquid malt extract gives your beer a distinct colour and malty flavour. You can even make the taste even better by steeping specialty grains into the mixture. You can actually adjust the amount of these extracts to suit your preferences or achieve your desired beer flavour. Although this one is a little more expensive and time consuming then brewing kits, you have more freedom to customize the flavour of your brew.

Home brewing is a fun and satisfying activity if you know the basics coupled with the right brewing equipment.