There’s great power in linking together your past and your present. Your ancestors could be of another country, they could have lived through civil conflict, they could have been influential figures forgotten in the course of time- but you wouldn’t know all of this unless you dug through the past and found out for yourself.  Preserving your family history and understanding your beginnings is important so here’s how you can do just that.


Get yourself a journal and start writing your own memoir. It’s a type of auto-biography that includes historical dates and times about the events that occurred in your life. You can include how you learned about your family’s beginnings and you can pass this memoir down your family line for them to learn more about your life, the lives of your siblings and your parents etc. This is a great way to make sure that your family history lives on even after you are long gone.

Film It

Set a date for a story telling night. Bring the kids, the nieces and nephews- any one you might benefit or might be able to help you tell your tale. Teach them your family history while the camera records the whole session. Make it interesting, and let them ask questions for you to answer. In this day and age, people are more likely to watch than read so this will probably be a favourite for years down the family line.

The Memory Box

This not only includes your films and memoirs, but those of your family. Any newspaper clippings, and autobiographies you find all head into the box. It’s a great way to include comprehensive sources of knowledge.

Frame It

Important certificates that outline your family’s achievements, from your great grandmother/ grandfather breaking a world’s sports record to academy achievements, check out certificate framing in Melbourne so you can have these milestones preserved and hung up on your walls. There’s no better way to showcase your family roots and how proud you are of them.

Photo Books

You can make a printed photo books, with captions explaining each photo. This is a great way to engage the younger kids in your family at gatherings and on family holidays. The best time to introduce them to their family is when they are young and full of wonder after all. This step might require a little more work than the others, however the end result will be well worth it.

The Internet

Use online searches to gather more information on your family. The internet is probably the greatest way of preserving family memories but you have to be wary because you don’t know how accurate the information will be. There are many websites designed for this very purpose, however, so feel free to check them out.

Use these methods to preserve your family history. Dig into your DNA and learn a bit more about yourself. You can learn about your ethnic background, any major migrations that have occurred and more.