Is your baby teething right now? Well, you are in for a bit of a rough phase. Your usually cranky baby might be even crankier than you bargained for and they may require your attention every moment of every day. They may cry, develop a fever and even refuse to eat or sleep. All of these are normal symptoms of teething but they can be somewhat hard to handle and take in as a parent who is already under the burden of many other things to get done within just 24 hours. You may be compelled to do anything at all to help your crying baby relax. However in moments like these that are challenging, our judgment may be clouded and we may make mistakes that can unintentionally bring harm to the baby. Here are some of the main mistakes that you need to avoid during teething.

Giving Them Access to Objects That Are Unsafe

During teething your baby will look for just about anything that they can put into their mouths and this means that you cannot afford to have things lying around them. These unsafe items could hurt their mouths, it could cause poisoning or pose a threat of choking. But there are safe objects too that you can use exclusively for this phase. To find out more about safe teethers, click here. So make sure that in your haste you do not hand over anything that is unsafe for the baby and that you always make sure that whatever items the baby puts in their mouth is sterilized and does not have tiny parts that can come off and choke them.

Not Cleaning Your Hands

You should never attempt to insert your fingers inside the baby’s mouth to ease their gum pains without washing them. While you may help to ease the sore gums, you will also be introducing a lot of germs into their mouths this way and this could make the baby very ill.

Ignoring Non-Teething Symptoms

Some parents always write off everything to teething during the teething phase. There is a level of pain that is normal and there is a level of pain that is not normal. If the baby is running a really, really high fever you should take them to the doctor right away, because while a low grade rectal fever is acceptable, anything higher than that is not. In addition to this you must also keep in mind that diarrhoea is not a symptom of teething and if your baby is experiencing it, they may need medical attention immediately.

Losing Your Cool

Your baby may not be able to vividly express themselves but they sure can get your vibe. If you lose your cool and start panicking or getting angry, this will upset an already grumpy baby even more and they will cry more. So stay calm no matter how hard it gets and just tell yourself that this is a normal phase that will pass soon. Do not buy them any medication without asking the doctor even if it just to relive the pain.