Being a mother is possibly the most gratifying, selfless and difficult job in the world.  You need to take care of your child and place their needs above yours. From the very first moment the baby cries to the moment you see them cry at your deathbed, your child is your world. Their existence is linked to yours by a thread of love. For new mothers, taking care of their little one can be exciting but it is not without its difficulties. So here are three things every new mother should know.

Be Ready for The Changes

If there is one thing certain about motherhood it is this. There will be changes and you need to be ready for it. Life, as you know before becoming a mother, will simply cease to exist. Gone are the days of partying and shopping until you drop. If you are a person who loves routine you need to be ready change it up big time. At least at the beginning of caring for your baby, you can be sure of one thing. Your old routine will not just be difficult to follow but actually straight up obsolete. It’s not just changes to your lifestyle. You would also have to be ready for changes in your mood and overall approach to life. Taking care of a baby is going to be exhausting and stressful so more often than not you will feel upset to a degree. You probably would not have enough time to cuddle with your husband or even just speak more than a few sentences to him in a day. However, if you wish to come out of this strong try to anticipate and come up with a plan. Maybe you could allocate a day to just spend time with your friends and husband while a relative takes care of your baby.

Do Not Purchase Too Many Clothes

Your baby will grow rapidly and outgrow most of their outfits. So, don’t purchase too many clothes. Try to have some of the essentials like baby buns and onesies but once again you do not need about 20 pairs of onesies. Chances are you will end up repeating some of the clothes and your baby could outgrow an outfit after wearing it just twice. If you do happen to find a bedhead hats sale to stock up on your bedhead hat collection, remember that you only need about three hats at most.  Hats are not frequently worn and babies grow so fast so stocking more than 3 can be a blatant overkill.

Sleep Whenever You Can

The golden advice to all new mothers is this, sleep when you can. Babies especially newborn can wake up every 2 to 3 hours making it even exhausting for a mother.

Therefore, if you even manage to get an hour’s worth of shut-eye, you would be able to better focus on your day. So once your baby heads to bed, you should try to get some shut eye too.