Usually when a woman goes shopping, she’s undoubtedly had that experience where she sees a gorgeous outfit, imagines how good it would look paired with accessories she has at home and what an entrance she could possibly make when she heads out in it. And all the daydreaming stops once she actually tries it on and realizes it looks terrible on her. It can all be explained with your body type. For every woman’s body type, there are certain outfits that just make them pop or those that make them unflattering. Here’s how to distinguish.

Apple-Shaped Body

People with this body type are more likely to have a heavier upper body, complete with broader shoulders and a bigger bust. You’ll find that most of the concentration will lie above your hips so what people with this body type need to go for is dresses with slits that show off their legs instead or plunging necklines to highlight their strengths. Empire cuts in darker colours are ideal for this body type and also palazzo pants to bring about more balance and counter all the weight concentrated above the hips.

Hourglass Figure

This figure is the most talked about and is the most proportionate- due to a balanced top and bottom with a well-defined waist. People with this figure need to flaunt it as best they can by wearing dresses that cinch at the waist. Body hugging dresses will of course work well with you and for those outfits that are looser in nature, you can always accessorize with a belt that will draw attention back to those defined curves. 

Pear Shaped

Hello Kim Kardashian, need anything else be said about this body type? With this type all your mass will be focused on below the waist. Skinny jeans will obviously emphasize what you’ve got working out down under and you can pair them with loose tops to get an hourglass effect, but even crop tops, V necks or boat necks would work well.


A rectangle shaped body has a body that is proportionate from hips to shoulders, leading to a lack of silhouette. You can make this work by choosing ruffled tops, any dress that add more weight to your figure see outfits like these for more inspiration). Jackets and blazers would also look incredible on you.

Inverted Triangle

You’ll find this body type on athletic women, where the shoulders are much broader than the hips. You’ll need to create more of a balance by wearing pencil skirts or skinny jeans. Wearing v-cuts naturally give your shoulders less of a broader look but really, any top will go with this look. You need to bring more definition to your lower body as your upper needs none of it, so if you’re going for ruffles, layers or patterns, make sure it shows on the bottom rather than the top.

By being more aware of your body type, you can take these things into consideration and save yourself any disappointments while shopping and bring out the beauty within you.