Getting dressed up for a social event can sometimes feel like more of a challenge than a simple fun thing. This is partly because you can never know if you will be underdressed or overdressed for any event. And looking either underdressed or overdressed can really turn out to be embarrassing. Sometimes these social events don’t really say the extent of the event on the invitation and sometimes luckily they very clearly indicate it like for example if they say it’s a black tie event then you know that you have to present yourself quite well and look quite well in what you wear. This is quite easy as opposed to ambiguous invitations asking you to social gathering with no particular details as to what sort of attire is expected, this type of situation can really be stressful as you wouldn’t know how to prepare yourself. Nevertheless, there are ways you can get around this sort of situation, mostly by preparing yourself for both situations, that is, what you could do if you are overdressed or what you could do if you are undressed, here’s how:

Knowing Who Is Inviting You Is Key

When you are invited to a social gathering by someone, the person who is sending out the invitation will somewhat reveal the type of social event they are hosting. For example if you are invited by an affluent friend or colleague,  then it is safe to say that you could pull out that range of floor length dresses and stilettos paired with some fine jewelry. As opposed to being invited by your neighbors for a quick hang out, in which case you would naturally know not to wear a ball gown and rather go in your jeans. Under normal circumstances, the invitation will state what type of event it is, like birthday parties, dinners or housewarming parties, this is also a good tip-off to know how well you should dress.

Be Prepared For Both

As mentioned above if you are not sure of the extent of the event say for example a family dinner and you don’t know if this particular event is a black tie dinner or a simple family gets together, In this type of situation, its best to prepare for both.

Now how you do this is quite frankly not too hard, all you have to do is choose an outfit that can be dressed up or down with the simple addition and removal of shoes and other accessories. The best choice is the classic black dress. This is a timeless elegant choice of attire that can easily become a simple outfit to a very classy looking outfit by the simple addition of appropriate jewelry and a nice pair of shoes. You can make it look more casual by simply adding a jean jacket and wearing wedges instead of stilettos. The little black dress is such a versatile piece of clothing that you can never go wrong with.