The world of modern fashion really doesn’t slow down for us average people. In an ever-changing landscape of trends, keeping up with the dos and don’ts of fashionable appearances has never been such a challenge. But worry not, here to help you out is a list of things you’ll really want to avoid and things you really might want to consider doing- the dos and don’ts of modern styling.

Graphic Tees

The era of buying tees with senseless graphics is long gone. This is a major don’t so please hold back those primitive urges next time you’re looking for some casual t-shirts to add to your wardrobe. Go for a plain tee or perhaps one with a slogan that has sentimental meaning for you- but if not, back on the rack it goes.

Shoe Styling

People can tell a lot about you from the shoes that you wear- an old saying, but still relevant none the less. Ratty, scuffed shoes are not a fashion statement. Once you get your hands on those designer high heels, you treat them as if they are God’s gift to you and nothing less. If you’re looking at a formal event, these high heeled shoes can really give you that sophisticated and elegant look when paired with longer skirts, suits, pencil skirts etc.

Athletic Wear

Sweatpants, hoodies, sports bras, trainers- they’re all fashion-forward as of late. But let’s not forget to wear them when it’s appropriate. You can’t really use this as an excuse to lounge 24/7 in your sweats. Well, you can. But that’s another major don’t in modern styling.

All-Black Styling

An all-black outfit doesn’t necessarily have you looking like you’re heading for a funeral. Au contraire, dear friends, they give you quite a chic look. But, on another note, don’t feel shy to go bold with your shoes and add a pop of color to accentuate the look you’ve got going.

Bright Shoes

Trying to match your shoes with your pants will leave you out on a lot of fun. Be fashion forward and go for brighter shoes- one’s that make a powerful statement true to the powerful woman/man you are.


Wear sunglasses outside where they belong. Don’t wear your sunglasses inside. Maybe you want to appear aloof or maybe you’re trying to hide those bags under your eyes and this is a great tactic- when you’re out in the sun. Given the nature of these glasses, wearing them indoors is a major no-no and makes look like you’re looking down your nose at everyone else. It might be best to avoid having everyone in the room thinking you’re snooty.


With all the attention that’s been given on this subject around the world, you really don’t need an explanation on this one. Essentially, your clothes should come free of animal cruelty, sexism, racism, violence etc. This is a modern style that’s ethically and fashionably in right now.

These cover the bare essentials of modern styling in 2019. We’re quite confident there are changes to come in the months to follow but with these basic tips by your side, you’re more than equipped to handle them.