Having an elegant home sounds a bit on the pricey side of things, fortunately it doesn’t have to be if you know how to go about getting it done cleverly. There are a few budget friendly ways that will leave your home looking elegant and won’t hurt your wallet.

Start With the Exterior

To make your home look elegant, you must work on the first impression it sets on your guest. The guests would assume their first impression from what they see outside – the exterior of the house – before they step in. Keep the outside clean, give your house a paint wash when walls before the walls start peeling off from the outside. For added beauty install a pergola from pergola builders Melbourne. If there is not much garden or if you live in an apartment you may not be able to have a little greenery. A little greenery always adds a touch of soothing calmness and having it in the garden adds colour and brightens to your home. However, if you are lucky enough to have plenty of garden space, by all means maintain it and keep it tidy, If the first thing your guest notices is the unruly grass and the unorganized dirty garden, the impression you make afterwards won’t matter too much.

Lighting Plays a Big Role

As your guest enters the house, its illumination is what sets the tone and feel to your home. Instead of getting the standard lighting fixtures that everyone have, get unique authentic fixtures from say, a flea market etc. or an antique shop. This will cost you very much lesser and will most definitely add a unique touch of style to you home. Get a chandelier; but not one of those extravagant one, just a simple yet unique one with a bit of character that suits you and the house. Try to not rely entirely on the lights on the walls and ceiling as a source of light. Use lamps and candles to add that extra touch of illumination and elegance.

Your Floors Need Hardwood

This is something that tends to get over looked quite often, People tend to assume that no one notices the floors of your home. People always notice the floors in your home. Having a nice warm carpeted floor may feel nice but adds a sort of common vibe to it, as opposed to hardwood floors which aren’t used by many people. However, hardwood isn’t the cheapest option when it comes to flooring but the perk of having hardwood floors is that you can be assured they won’t need replacing for quite a while. It certainly is an investment though.

Lastly, de-clutter! Clutter is very unattractive and will immediately deplete and value or any good impression that was initially stated in your house. Clutter takes up space and leaves no room more moving around etc. Getting rid of clutter as soon as possible and having clean ad un-messy floors will instantly make your home look ten times more attractive.