For some people, mowing a lawn is easy and doesn’t require specific instructions to do it well. However, you need some practice and basic knowledge to do it in a safe and efficient way. Here are the best tips to keep in mind to safely mow your lawn and have the best results.

Pick the Right Mower

Pick a lawn mower that is suited for your mowing needs. A reel lawn mower works best for a lawn with an area lesser than 500 square feet. It is simpler to use compared to electric mowers since they don’t have wires that could cause trouble. It is also not so noisy compared to gas mowers.

A power mower is best to use for larger lawns. Aside from being faster, some models have grass-catchers and mulching features which save a lot of time when cleaning up.

If you have at least an acre of lawn to maintain, choose a riding mower. It is convenient to use since you don’t have to drag the equipment all over the wide area in the process.

If you’re looking for environment-friendly options, battery-powered lawn mowers are a perfect choice. They don’t use oil or gasoline so they don’t emit anything harmful in the environment. Most models are quieter than other types. They are also cordless which adds to their convenience.

Whether you’re borrowing or buying a lawn mower, make sure to choose which type is best for your lawn’s size so you won’t be wasting resources and energy. Jims Mowing is Melbourne’s best when it comes to lawn mowing and gardening. They are the experts when it comes to keeping your lawn looking lush and well-maintained.

Keep Your Equipment in Good Condition

Maintaining your lawn mower is essential to keep the quality of its output perfect. Always check the blade area for obstructions before you start using it. If your mower is already a bit old or if the parts feel a little tight, oiling the moving parts does the trick. Sharpen the blades once in a while to keep its performance at its best. It is also best to schedule an annual general tune-up for your equipment especially if you’re using gasoline-powered ones.

Proper Setting of Wheel Height

Different kinds of grass differ in height where they thrive. You can adjust how long or short you want to trim the grasses by adjusting the height of mower wheels. It is easily done by adjusting the switches or latches which can be found at the side part of the mower. Other models are equipped with a single lever that can adjust all four wheels. Warm-season grasses are usually cut shorter than cool-season grasses.

Clear the Yard

Always clear the yard for obstructions before mowing it. Aside from the possibility of damaging your equipment, it can also propel objects at great speeds which could hurt a lot if it hits someone. You may try raking your lawn first to get rid of branches, stones, cans or any other object. Always keep an eye out for pipes or sprinklers so you don’t accidentally run into them.

Keeping your lawn well-maintained is essential to make your home look presentable. Taking care of your lawn is easy, especially when you leave it to the experts.